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Tira Greene

Tira Greene IP Consultant. Tira is an Attorney at law. She works hand in hand with the Firm on Intellectual Property Law and E-commerce issues. Mrs. Greene has extensive experience working with international organizations, the multilateral, international law firms, governments and the private sector.

Mrs. Greene is a member of The Anguilla Financial Services Association /Government of Anguilla Legislative Committee and is the chief adviser to the Government appointed E-commerce Steering Group of Anguilla. She was also the chief drafter of the intellectual property laws of Anguilla. 
She possesses an in-depth understanding of issues relating to legal and regulatory reform in developing countries and is very conversant with legislative drafting in Commonwealth countries and with the legal system and public sector of the English speaking Caribbean. She has provided technical expertise as a consultant to the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Inter-American Development Bank.

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