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Probate, Trust & Estate Management

Over the years our assiduous team has been providing corporate and individual clients with practical advice as it relates to planning, managing and administering estates.

We are well experienced in advising executors and administrators, beneficiaries, settlors and protectors alike on all aspects of succession and estate management. We recognize that the administration of a deceased person’s estate can be a very lengthy process and so the team at KLA is committed to assisting our clients in achieving complete administration of an estate in a professional and responsive manner.

We have successfully advised on issues ranging from the powers and duties of an administrator/executor to disputes over the interpretation of complex wills and/or trusts. In general our services include

  • Preparation of ordinary and complex Wills and Trust Instruments
  • Preparation of documentation leading to the grant of probate or administration
  • Preparing opinions on probate and administration actions for reference to the litigation department or for clients.
  • Administration of Estate and Executorship services