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Keithley Lake & Associates & Daniel Brantley & Associates Announces 2013 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

“The truest wisdom is a resolute determination” - Napoleon Bonaparte

Keithley Lake & Associates and Daniel Brantley & Associates proudly announce the 2013 scholarship and bursary recipients from the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. The scholarship is awarded annually to two second year students, one from Jamaica and the other from the Eastern Caribbean on the basis of economic need and academic excellence.

The Scholarship Committee of the Norman Manley Law School received approximately forty (40) applications after conducting interviews with a representative of the donor firms. Kemoy McEkron and Rhodsha Oliver emerged as the successful applicants. Both students have displayed a commendable dedication to their scholastic accomplishments while never compromising their commitment to community service and extra-curricular participation. This is the 7th consecutive year in which the awards were given.
Kemoy, an incisive Jamaican, suffered the loss of his mother at age 13. However, from that tender age he demonstrated a sense of maturity for which he ought to be commended as he used the experience to excite within himself a hunger for achieving excellence despite the odds, hence it is no surprise that he has obtained two Honours degrees, one in Law and the other in Media & Communication. In satisfying that hunger over the years, he has reflected a quality of humility by sharing whatever he gained with family and friends and he continues to share his knowledge and talents by his involvement in the Men at Work programme at the Law School along with other initiatives. Upon receiving this scholarship, Kemoy has pledged to be a good ambassador of the award and for such a commitment we are most sincerely heartened. Kemoy has already established himself as a young man with limitless potential and we look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing him fulfill same.

Rhodsha is a proud and well-rounded Vincentian who has purposed within herself to surpass every hurdle that may arise and thus far, she has stayed true to her resolution. Rhodsha has been described as a tenacious, hard-working and diligent individual and it appears that she has applied these qualities to both her academic development as well as her extra-curricular involvement. She has performed well during her tenure at the Norman Manley Law School and has given of herself to the Law School’s Language Association and Publications Committee. When she is not engaged in her legal endeavors or exploring other languages, she is engaged in the art of music as she gives back to her community in St. Vincent by volunteering as a youth piano teacher. Rhodsha has indicated that she hopes to become an individual that will make our institution proud, well we say in response that her receiving this award is an indication that she has already made us proud and it our belief that she will continue to excel.

We would be remiss not to mention and congratulate Ralston O. Dickson and Claudine Bailey who are the recipients of the Keithley Lake & Associates and Daniel Brantley & Associates Bursaries.

It is our esteemed privilege to participate in the scholastic advancement of these students and we have no doubt that they will continue to excel in their endeavours. We wish them all the best.