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Preserving Our Paradise

Keithley Lake & Associates has long recognized the importance of preserving the natural environment and therefore makes an ongoing effort to find the most effective ways to conserve, protect and care for the earth. The Firm also acknowledges that proper maintenance of the environment is essential for the economic growth and overall sustainability of Anguilla.

Thus, as part of the Firm’s “20 weeks of Increased Community Outreach” in commemoration of its 20th Anniversary of legal excellence, Keithley Lake & Associates took their environmental preservation efforts outside of the office walls. On Saturday, 1st June 2013 the management and administrative staff of the Firm ventured to West End Bay for a beach-clean up. Altogether, we were able to gather over 15 bags of waste containing a multitude of non-biodegradable glass and plastic items that are not only unpleasant to view on such pristine shores, but also damaging to wildlife.

Keithley Lake & Associates urges all Anguillians to be mindful of the detrimental effects of littering our beaches and to take pride in our naturally impeccable environment that has allowed us to cultivate such a fruitful tourism market and that has made Anguilla a gem in its own right.