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News From Keithley Lake & Associates V3-I1

WELCOME 2016! Every New Year presents opportunities for growth and development. At Keithley Lake & Associates we have committed ourselves to embracing those opportunities with renewed enthusiasm as we continue to perform at high standards and provide high quality service for our clients. Notwithstanding any challenge which may arise, we have resolved to charge into 2016 with tunnel vision, focused solely on success and at Keithley Lake & Associates, success is measured by client satisfaction. In keeping with the Firm's Mission, we acknowledge that our clients, in pursuit of their interests, expect legal and professional service with the utmost diligence and tenacity. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our clients continue to receive the high standard of service which has been the hallmark of the Firm's practice.As we charter through 2016, endeavoring to provide optimum service to our clients and strengthening our relationships with the courts and community, we also wish you a success-filled year. We hope you enjoy this edition and please feel free to share this with your clients, colleagues and friends. If you have any questions or comments on the matters we discuess, please feel free to share them with us.