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Something To Consider....Investing In Anguilla

Anguilla still retains its reputation for peace and tranquility with many pristine beaches. Given its natural beauty, favourable tax regime, political climate and growing reputation as an IFC, it is a prime location to invest in. Investment in this context does not necessarily mean the same thing as when one speaks of investing in a large developed urban area. Investing may mean applying your resources towards simply taking advantage of the legislation, policy and natural beauty. So one may invest in the land or the real estate developments, but one may also invest in Anguilla through the utilisation of Anguillian corporate vehicles as IP Holding companies, or otherwise thereby deriving advantage not just for Anguilla but for the investor. Investing in Anguilla in this regard may therefore assist a sophisticated investor who wishes to conduct business worldwide.

Unlike other jurisdictions, there is no taxation of income from IP assets. This positions an Anguilla IP Holding Company (IPHC) as an excellent vehicle through which to fully exploit the potential of corporate intellectual property.

Anguilla provides robust protection to IP through domestic laws with specific legislation covering Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Copyright and Protection of Trade Secrets among others. Moreover although Anguilla is not a member of the Paris Convention, the provisions of the Convention have been implemented in the domestic law and convention priority may be claimed. Additionally, an international mark that is protected in the United Kingdom may be protected in Anguilla upon re-registration with the Trademark Registry locally; a European patent designating the UK has the same rights as the proprietor of a UK patent and Community Trade Marks registered in the UK may now be re-registered in Anguilla.