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An Inside View

An interview with Miss Kelva T. Lindo, Legal & Office Administrator of Keithley Lake & Associates as we reflect on her 15 years of invaluable service!

It's A Family Affair

If you are wondering about the secret behind our ability to serve you as our clients, the secret is....WE ARE A FAMILY.

We work together, play together, support each and share the vision of the Firm to ensure excellent client satisfaction and also to give back to the community.

Illimitable, Enlightened and Versatile...The Legal Assistant

Legal Assistants play a very key role in the success of a law firm as we assist the firm's attorneys in being more efficient and also in delivering high quality representation for their clients.... In order to fulfil our role, Legal Assistants must be highly motivated and always welcome a challenge because invariably, many days are exactly that - a challenge.

20th Anniversary Commemorative Newsletter

This year the Firm celebrates 20 Years of service to you our Clients and the Community at large.

As we observe this landmark, we recognize the important of not only thanking you for your enduring confidence in our team of legal professionals and administrative staff over the years but also to celebrate the occasion.

Supporting The Community With The AXA Cares Food Bank

Keithley Lake & Associates has over 100 years of combined experience advising clients on various legal issues. They are active members in many professional organizations and as good corporate citizens, consistently support the community. In keeping with this tradition and in commemoration of the Firm’s 20th Anniversary, the management and staff of Keithley Lake & Associates has developed an initiative known as “20 Weeks of Increased Community Outreach”.

Preserving Our Paradise

Keithley Lake & Associates has long recognized the importance of preserving the natural environment and therefore makes an ongoing effort to find the most effective ways to conserve, protect and care for the earth. The Firm also acknowledges that proper maintenance of the environment is essential for the economic growth and overall sustainability of Anguilla.

Keithley Lake & Associates, Daniel Brantley & Associates Announce 2012 Scholarship and Bursary Recipients

“Some are destined to succeed, some are determined to succeed”

Keithley Lake & Associates and Daniel Brantley & Associates, Attorneys-at-Law, have selected their 2012 scholarship and bursary recipients from the Norman Manley Law School, Jamaica. For the sixth consecutive year, two outstanding students who displayed remarkable academic achievement, extra-curricular participation and community service have each been awarded J$175,000 (or approximately EC$6,000) to assist in completing their respective legal educations.

The Internet Laws and Regulatory Regimes

The government has indicated its commitment to develop the e-commerce sector as an industry both for diversification and to facilitate the continued development of the financial services sector.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property In Anguilla

On August 12, 2002 Anguilla enacted new Intellectual Property legislation which updates the laws relating to Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyright, and introduces registration systems for Layout Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits and Geographical Indications and legislation for the protection of Trade Secrets.

Merger & Consolidation

The creation of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange has increased awareness among managers of public listed companies of the need to ensure that the companies they manage continue to be commercially viable. Companies whose level performance is below par, or that find it increasingly difficult to prosper in the new economic world order, will now have to seek and implement measures to boost performance and increase shareholder