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Anguilla: Diversifying The Economy

Keithley Lake & Associates was founded on 6th July, 1993 by Keithley F.T. Lake who returned to Anguilla after many years of experience and service in the United States. The Firm has a compliment of well-respected professionals and skilled support personnel to meet its clients’ needs for diverse and sophisticated legal services. Yvette A. Wallace, Managing Partner at Keithley Lake & Associates, told Acquisition International how the firm is excelling in the challenging Caribbean region.

KLA Lawyers Attend OECS Bar Association Law Conference

The Lawyers of Keithley Lake & Associates joined their colleagues for the OECS Bar Association’s 11th Annual Regional Law Conference held September 12th, 2014. Held at the luxurious Club House of the Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, the event provided continuing legal education to members of the legal profession and the judiciary.

Catching Up With...

Rhodsha Oliver, our 2013 Scholarship Awardee. Rhodsha was one of the recipients of our annual scholarships awarded to two second year students from the Norman Manley Law School – one from Jamaica and the other from the Eastern Caribbean. The annual scholarship is the joint brainchild of Keithley Lake & Associates and Daniel Brantley & Associates, Nevis. There is no doubt that it gives us great joy to invest in the future of the successful recipients, but we often wonder what happens after they graduate from the institution. Where are they now?

7 Things To Know....

When choosing a business structure to meet your needs:

There are several different types of structure to choose from, including but not limited to : a partnership, company or sole proprietorship.

Reaching In, Reaching Out - Investing In Our Youth

Kofi Annan penned the words ‘Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family cialis generique france.’

Intellectual Property: The Keithley Lake & Associates Way

Who are we?

Keithley Lake & Associates is a full service law firm representing numerous businesses and individuals in Anguilla and overseas. Recognising the responsibility a law firm has to provide quality legal services to its clients, we strive to complete our clients' legal affairs promptly, skillfully and professionally. This mission of our Firm is achieved by a team of well-respected professionals and skilled support personnel who meet our clients’ needs for diverse and sophisticated legal services.

Where are we?

Is Copyright Dying?

In recent times, the question has been asked about the impact of the technological revolution on copyright law. Are the changes in digital format moving too fast for laws to keep up – and as for the Internet, is there open access to information? When do we know whose work it really is? Is everything now fair game? The music industry has already gone through the proverbial gate (Napster anyone?). Are movies and books destined for the same treatment? Does creativity really pay? Is copyright still alive?...

Something To Consider...Investing in Anguilla

Anguilla still retains its reputation for peace and tranquility with many pristine beaches. Given its natural beauty, favourable tax regime, political climate and growing reputation as an IFC, it is a prime location to invest in. Investment in this context does not necessarily mean the same thing as when one speaks of investing in a large developed urban area. Investing may mean applying your resources towards simply taking advantage of the legislation, policy and natural beauty.

Trademark Insider: Protecting Your Brand In Anguilla


1. What type of Intellectual Property protection is available in Anguilla?

Current legislation provides protection for Trademarks, Patents, Copyright, Industrial Designs, Layout Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits, Geographical Indications and Trade Secrets.

Let’s say I want to protect my trademark…..

2. Is trademark protection based on registration, use or both?

Protection is available on the basis of registration.

Anguilla High Court quashes Executive Council’s refusal to grant Alien Landholding Licence on basis of Legitimate Expectation

Keithley Lake & Associates’ Attorneys Mr. Kenneth G. Porter and Mr. D. Michael Bourne led by Mr. Saul Froomkin Q.C., achieved notable success when they represented La Baia Ltd. in an application for Judicial Review of the decision of the Executive Council (EXCO) to not grant La Baia Ltd. an Alien Landholding Licence. The basis of the application was that the decision was in breach of a legitimate expectation.