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Real Estate Transactions & Development Project

The real estate market in Anguilla has seen a significant amount of activity in the last decade. During that time, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the number and complexity of real estate acquisitions. The real estate market no longer consists primarily of residential acquisitions, it is now also characterized by acquisitions geared towards the creation and development of luxury resorts, hotels and condominiums, which is intended to enhance Anguilla’s tourism product.

We at KLA were actively involved in bringing about this change. We act or have acted as legal advisors to all the major players in Anguilla’s luxury tourism industry. Our real estate team combines innovative advice with a wealth of experience to provide sound, practical and solution-oriented advice The team is also available to advise on a wide range of real estate issues such as:

  • Preparation of Agreements for Sale, Tenancy and Leases Agreement and all other documents relating to the creation and transfer of interests in land including rights of way and other easements and registration of same.
  • Advising on the legal requirements for the creation of Resort & Condominium Developments and drafting all necessary documents to facilitate such.
  • Advising clients on all aspects of the laws relating to real property and rights therein.
  • Advising on the procedure for obtaining investment approvals, alien landholding licences, planning and building approvals and for the registering of declarations of covenants and restrictions and other restrictive agreements encumbering land and making the requisite applications thereto.
  • On all laws and regulations relating to the acquisition and use of land in Anguilla.