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Offshore Trusts / Offshore Banking

Anguilla levies no income tax or other forms of taxation on profits or capital gains. This coupled with the improved legislative framework has signaled its emergence as a leading offshore centre. Additionally, Anguilla offers a high degree of flexibility and privacy, making it favourable for asset protection, wealth management, and corporate structuring and planning.

Our extensive experience in creating and advising on traditional wealth management vehicles makes us well poised to employ the improved and innovative corporate structures to provide practical solutions for clients who seek to maximize their wealth. Our responsive team is committed to providing the highest quality advisory service in the following areas:

  • Wealth Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Preparation of Trust documents and facilitating the setup of Trusts and Trust structures
  • Advising on Offshore Bank & Trust Company formations
  • Making applications and negotiating for Bank and Trust Company Licences
  • Providing general legal advice and support to Trust Companies and Offshore Banks.